When will the next release of ExpressCache arrive?

Hi Sandisk,

When will the next “bulletproof” QA’ed/Tested release of ExpressCache arrive?

Remember the promises about fixing all those things in these threads, lol.

No updates announced as of this post.

My ReadyCache is still sealed in it’s box…


Compumind :wink:

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Do I have to beg for a reasonable expectation?



Now I’m begging… Is there a time frame?


P.S. Happy holidays.

I’m guessing they are off for the holidays.

But a suggestion is that for the next version, a counter would be better than a chart.  The charts actually kind of useless, a simple counter for the mb of cache hits to total reads would be more informative.


I don’t think that they are off for the holidays… they are just ignoring this thread.

Maybe, I’ll call Sandisk HQ and speak to higher powers and find out why these posts have gone unanswered.

Epic fail, in sofware and customer service.

Have a Happy New Year,

Flavio C.

Its kind of obvious. Sandisk simply doesn’t push enough resources into maintaining RC and EC. Making a bullet proof product isn’t part of their business plan moving forward.

We would have to deal with SANDISK support when the RC SSD itself breaks at some point. How terrible would that be.

Still, let’s just wait for the next release and may be they have come up with a better product. lolll or may be we’ll just keep notifying them about new glitches endlessly.

Do we even know that they’ re working on a new release?

It was mentioned earlier by one of the admins that they are working to fix “all issues.”

But there is no universal standard for “fixing” or “will must do” or “experts”…  is there? lolll

I hope they release a new version soon.  Maybe it will resolve my problem:


Forgive my English, I use translator, am Spanish

Now it works perfectly, if you proved the this 1.2 if that was failing.

Now it me goes very well, in fact I have bought another unit.

My system is amd one 970a also and starts rapidly, approximately 30 or 35 seconds, the programs also start rapidly and there are no rare messages this one constant the cache nor being restored.

I do not understand many critiques, as I say if you proved the 1.2, now works very well.

For my version 1.3.1 it works really well.

Please be aware…

Before I go “Thermonuclear War”, I am giving Sandisk Technical Support one more chance to update us.

The support in this forum is terrible.


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Somebody was going to call up the Sandisk HQ… right? Haven’t seen any updates on that either!


Here I go… Telephone and major players…

Start Here!


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Feel free to let us know what happens! 

I don’t think it’ll have any effect. Good luck though…

I hope it will fully support Windows 8/8.1 soooooooooooooooon.

This is my problem and solution that I can prove EC (1.3.1) is not fully support Windows 8/8.1


Man … what is taking them so long?

We have been forgotten…

Flavio and others who want this product to work,

Here is the information you need to get this going -

Dinesh Bahal, vice president of product marketing at SanDisk - Phone: 408-801-1000
This all can have been avoided by this technical team simply answering “When?”



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They have stated they are working with condusiv on the various issues some of you all are experiencing but don’t have a date for the next release yet. If they had more info I am sure it would have been posted.


@nogames -

Thanks for helping out!! :smiley:

@drlucky -

This product has been out for awhile - the bugs should have been mostly ironed out, I feel.

The people involved with this product need to make a commitment to it.