When will the next release of ExpressCache arrive?


If Sandisk can’t assist…  pehaps Condusiv can… It’s their software!




If Sandisk can’t assist…  perhaps Condusiv can… It’s their software, right?



@slotmonsta and others,

Hope you are reading all the posts, especially the ones with the GUI getting in the way.

The GUI should -

  1. Have an option to minimize to the system tray upon boot.

  2. Have an option to not start with Windows, but be invoked manually from the start menu…

  3. Have better reporting.


P.S. Do you think that the new tested release will be ready in less than a month?

Yea and of course fix the thing where it constantly accesses drives to keep them awake for no reason.

I’m getting tired of manually stopping the service every night.

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Yes, wetnap…

I agree with your comment above! Same thing here.


Lots of activity. May be they are testing a new version.

Best of luck to the people involved.

May the gods accept the blood of all the previous broken RC versions.


Amazing. Still no software update?

This looks really good… for only $80 U.S.




Is there an ETA on a new release yet? :cry:

Any response appreciated.



Can we please get some specific updates regarding the release of the next RC??? 

I think they don’ t care to inform us anymore.

This one is my first and last product from SanDisk…

We are currently working on the next release for the ExpressCache software. Barring any unforeseen issues we are planning for a 02-07-14 release.

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Well, there is some good news.

Why am I not more excited?

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You wrote:

"Well, there is some good news.

Why am I not more excited?"

Exactly the way I feel.

The people who support this product have many issues in this thread and others to correct. I hope that they read them.

While I appreciate the update (long overdue, IMO) from Slotmonsta, I have a gut feeling that the upcoming release will not be rock solid and we will have to do more beta testing for them.

Sandisk - best of luck - we are counting on you! Hope those GUI issues are fixed, too! :wink:

@slotmonsta wrote:

We are currently working on the next release for the ExpressCache software. Barring any unforeseen issues we are planning for a 02-07-14 release.


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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright © 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>eccmd -info
ExpressCache Command Version
Copyright⌐ 2010-2013 Condusiv Technologies.
Date Time: 2/3/2014 20:33:28:571 (ZUCCHINI-PC #47)

EC Cache Info

Mounted                   : Yes
Partition Size            : 29.82 GB
Reserved Size             : 3.00 MB
Volume Size               : 29.82 GB
Total Used Size           : 1.21 GB
Total Free Space          : 28.60 GB
Used Data Size            : 1.14 GB
Used Data Size on Disk    : 1.21 GB

Tiered Cache Stats

Memory in use             : 0 Bytes
Blocks in use             : 0
Read Percent              : 0.00%

Cache Stats

Cache Volume Drive Number : 0
Total Read Count          : 21037
Total Read Size           : 386.99 MB
Total Cache Read Count    : 1640
Total Cache Read Size     : 15.75 MB
Total Write Count         : 17902
Total Write Size          : 703.15 MB
Total Cache Write Count   : 283
Total Cache Write Size    : 1.52 MB

Cache Read Percent        : 4.07%
Cache Write Percent       : 0.22%


since you asked for the info last time.

thats after it silently emptied itself again, it does this all the time, it can’t be good for the flash memory which has finite write, i don’t install many new apps, mostly just browsers and steam and such over and over again so it shouldn’t be flushing itself continuously.

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Is it still coming out today?

Good things take time. Hope that SandDisk is on top of this one.

Hope it will be out soon. Don’t want another band-aid.


Doesn’t seem like its coming today.

But they are not making any comments about ti either!!

Strange behavior.

The release has been pushed back. We are now shooting for early next week. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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Great. Thanks for the update. 

Thanks for the update!!!