ExpressCache version 1.2.1 released

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ExpressCache™ Software for SanDisk ReadyCache™


Release Notes 

ExpressCache software: version 1.2.1 (release date: July 12, 2013)

New changes since version 1.2.0 :

-       The installer now has a checkbox that the user can select if they want the GUI/systray app to start when Windows starts. The default does not have the check box selected.
Note: The ExpressCache engine will automatically start and caching will be fully functional when Windows starts regardless if the GUI/systray app starts with Windows or not.


-       The GUI/Systray app now has a new “?” menu option that the user can select if they want the GUI/systray app to start or not start when Windows starts. This will toggle “Start with Windows” to “Do not start with Windows” and vice versa when selected.

© 2013 SanDisk Corporation. All rights reserved. ExpressCache is a trademark of Condusiv Technologies Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Just to clarify, for that version, those are the only two changes?

This is the official release from SanDisk. If there were any other changes, don’t you think they would list them? :confounded:

My cache keeps getting dumped.  Why?  I suspect it isn’t actually dumped though, when I check it, the value is 26GB.

Again ans again with this Crap Version.

Same here, this version is faulty, 1/3 the PC is rebooted or goes in standby the cache is reset.

Not very useful… also this message would be better if displayed as a baloon tooltip in system tray.

It’s really annoying guys, slap Condusiv and get it fixed ASAP.

When you see that message pop does cache monitor show the cache has actually been reset? If not do you see any performance reduction?

No, only this Popup is seen.

Evertime when the Cache is full and will rebuild?

no, when the cache is full and new LBA’s need to be cached it will flush the oldest lease used LBA to make room for the new. next time when that message pops up can you open the cache monitor and get a screen shot and post it?

Why isn’t there an archive of previous versions of ExpressCache? I want to try previous versions… This new version 1.2.1 does not work outside Windows HP 7 (32bit) when booting up. Single Hard disk (one partition) and ReadyCache on secondary Sata with ACHI enabled! My Cache constantly being reset from a cold/warm boot and startup is the same as it was previous to installing Hardware and software. ExpressCache seems to work within the OS login but, not as claimed in the advertising. Utterly disappointing support judging by the members requests/ complaints on this forum. Good Sandisk product with rubbish software support/ buggy and a waste of my hard earned cash!

it does not seem the cache has actually been reset. Do you see any performance loss after the message pops up?

The current logic  for the popup is [ recorded and current cache size difference is at least 1GB, OR

recorded used cache size is less than 70% of current used cache size]. We are currently investigating and may have found a corner case that would make this happen.

Also, if some peaks are causing this behavior, we will include some filters in the code that will prevent the popup to show in those cases (next software release).

We do not recommend to go back to previous versions of ExpressCache as the latest version always includes bug fixes.

If the popup is really annoying, we recommend to just close the GUI, which is not needed for ReadyCache to function properly.



I am still happily running version 1.01 on my computer until this mess is taken care of. Ive likely booted 50-80 times with out the cache rebuilding. It’s rock solid, no crashes or random cache rebuilding. When I was running the newer versions and got that pop-up (your cache is being rebuilt) I already knew it had happened before seeing the pop-up. Boot time during a cache rebuild seems to be 2+ minutes, about 4 times as long as a cached boot (around 30-40 seconds). Programs also take along time to open. So yes, a very big performance difference after it displays that message. Then just when it got back to speed, it dumps the cache after 2 or 3 boots we start the entire process over again.

The newer versions may have bugs fixed, but the also introduce new bug that were never present in the old builds.

We have recently found an issue with how the ExpressCache GUI app detects when the cache is reset. When the cache is full and new data need to be cached, the caching engine will flush the oldest unused data. This can trigger the cache reset message to popup since there can be a sharp drop in the cache size. We plan on implementing a fix for this issue in the next release of ExpressCache which we expect to be available very soon. In the meantime, if you do not want to see this reset message, then exit the GUI app using the right button menu option on the system tray icon.


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Excuse my English use a corrector.

The problem is not the message the problem is the reconstruction of the cache that the ssd punishes. Please correct the failure or allow to unload previous versions. I cannot stand to know that there is software that does not fail and not to be able to unload it. Nowadays I have the disabled ssd and have bought it recently.

Thank you.

Original text.

 El problema no es el mensaje el problema es la reconstruccion del cache que castiga el ssd. Por favor corrijan el fallo o permitan descargar versiones anteriores. Me molesta saber que hay software que no falla y no poder descargarlo. Actualmente tengo el ssd deshabilitado y lo he comprado recientemente.


not sure if the translation came out correctly but the cache is not being rebuilt. from what slotmonsta says this message pops up when old LBA’s are flushed to make room for new LBA’s. The GUI detectes the sharp drop in cache as a reset. other than the message poping up the app is working as intended. 

Thank you for your response.

My impression is that it breaks is reconstructed.

The load becomes slow even of programs that are constant used for what they must not be erased.

I am sure that the message is correct.

Cache is totally erased and reconstructed.

The application badly works and damages the ssd.

In the forum there are mas people who experiences the same thing, only it is necessary to read.

They comment on some to start in 30 seconds to approximately 2 minutes after the message.

Original text.

Gracias por tu respuesta. Mi impresion es que la cache es reconstruida.

La carga se vuelve lenta incluso de programas que son constantemente usados por lo que no deben de ser borrados.

Estoy seguro de que el mensaje es correcto.

Cache es totalmente borrada y reconstruida.
La aplicacion mal funciona y daña al ssd.

En el foro hay mas gente que experimenta lo mismo, solo hay que leer.

Algunos comentan arrancar en 30 segundos a aproximadamente 2 minutos despues del mensaje.

Frist, thank you for taking care of the issue!

Second, indeed I’m experiencing the behaviour you are describing with my Samsung RC730 notebook, the cache is not reset, it’s flushing old data.

This is not the case with my PC at home where the cache is indeed reset after the message and I have obviously a drop in performance.

I get it after reboot/shutdown/standby, very often, no error messages logged in event log.

I will send a screenshot, cheers!

I use a corrector am Spanish, excuse me.

 The message goes out and erases the disc to the complete one, has been working well until it has filled the disc, has been late a few days.

 Definitively badly it works.

 The software is not OK.

 If it was working well to erase parts and not the totality.

The message goes out and then it reconstructs from the beginning.

 It is a pity when it works does it well.

I return to disable it

Spanish text.

 Uso un corrector soy Español, disculpen me. Sale el mensaje y borra el disco al completo, ha estado funcionando bien hasta que ha llenado el disco, ha tardado unos dias. Definitivamente mal funciona. El software no va bien.Si funcionara bien borraria partes y no la totalidad. Sale el mensaje y luego reconstruye desde el principio. Es una lastima cuando funciona lo hace bien. Vuelvo a deshabilitarlo