ExpressCache version 1.3.0 released

Download ExpressCache 1.3.0

Release Notes 

ExpressCache software: version 1.3.0 (release date: October 25, 2013)

Condusiv ExpressCache Engine 1.0.108


New changes since version 1.2.1:

  • GUI changes
           -   Performance chart is now on main window
           -  Other items moved to Options menu
           -  Fixed false positive message appearing about the cache being reset
  • Changed memory allocation to use NX pool
  • Added workaround for ReadyBoost stack overflow issue

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Thanks, but next time theres an update the update should list or give the option of listing what is fixed, the process is a bit opaque.

I also appreciate the window no longer being virus warning red, and the startmenu directory name is more logical now.  Personal pet peeve of mine is when companies just name things no normal person would remember.

Btw is the software smart enough not to cache things like if I read a 4GB+ movie file?

The software caches LBA’s based off usage frequency. If the video is only read once it will not be cached. If you read those LBa’s everyday it would get cached. 

ok thanks that makes sense.

preserves the ssd from excessive writes.

Well, I get this at each boot since Ive updated to 1.3, the installer said everying installed correctly. Looks like Ill go back to 1.0.1 again, not sure why I even try updating anymore since each update after 1.0.1 has created a new problem.

Have you tried a full uninstall and reinstall using the following method?

Completely uninstall ExpressCache and clear the Temp directory then reinstall ExpressCache 1.3.0

  1. Uninstall ExpressCache and reboot the system
  2.  Navigate to the following location
                  for 64bit system:   C:\Program Files (x86)\SanDisk\
                  for 32bit system:   C:\Program Files\SanDisk 
  3. Delete the ExpressCache folder
  4. Open the Registry editor: Run regedit.exe
  5. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SanDisk and delete ExpressCache

Next we need to clear the Temp directory

  1. Navigate to the Temp directory (typically C:\Users|<Your logon name>\Local\Temp
  2. Highlight and delete all files in the Temp directory
  3. Reboot the PC

Downlaod and install Expresscache 1.3.0

If the caching algorithm is based off LBA usage, how is it affected by disk defragmentation?  If a frequently-used (and cached) file is moved as part of a defrag, does the cache information get updated to reflect its new location, or does it start from scratch?

The expresscache software uses its own defraging algorithm. 

Hi drlucky and others,

I think that a clarification needs to be made between Defrag which is run on conventional HDD’s and TRIM which is run on SSD’s like ReadyCache. To me, Defragging ias not interchangeable with the way that and SSD handles TRIM and Garbage Collection.

Compumind :slight_smile:

No you are correct defrag and TRIM are not interchangable. That said the EC software will send defrag commands to the HDD when needed as well as sending TRIM commands too the SSD when needed. 

Hi drlucky,

I thought that EC does not defrag any attached USB device at all, especially USB Hdd’s?

Why would a SSD based caching software need to defrag anyway?

Bit confused here, sorry.

Click here to look at the comment by slotmonsta, Message #7

Compumind :slight_smile:

The EC software has defrag capabilities for the computers main SATA HDD. The EC software does not defrag non SATA drives however some changes in the code surfaced with unintended consequences of locking access to USB devices open. Defrag is not occurring on these drives. The EC software just has access to the drive locked open thus preventing safe removal. As stated several times this will be resolved in the next release. 

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Understood, thanks!

What would happen with EC if you have 2 SATA drives in a system?

Would both be defragged? If so, when? Can the defrag be turned off?

I know, many questions. :wink:

EC will manage all SATA HDD. No, it cannot be turned off.


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I thought we were purchasing a caching drive and caching software, not a defragmentation product?

I think that Expresscache use the following technology which that can be found in Diskeeper.

Hyperboot, invisitasking, I-fasst, Intelle-write, and Titan defrag engine for hard drive.  Nice set of features include with EC.  Diskeeper along could cost me $69.

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Hi minhgi,

Just did some research on Diskeeper and your thoughts are very interesting.

Can someone from SanDisk confirm or deny what you are saying?

Compumind :slight_smile:


When will the corrected version of EC be released?

Any idea?

Yes, ExpressCache includes these features. We are planning to release the next version by the end of this month.

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