expresscache 1.2 crashes

where can i download version 1.1 since it wase stable and 1.2 is not???

if i exit expresscache tray icon (version 1.2) the software is still running right.when i have exit expresscache in the tray it dont crashes that offen

how can i disable the expresscache tray icon at windows startup???(so it´s runnes headless) and what is the line switches for expresscacheapp.exe??

ps i have uninstalled expresscache reinstalled it still the same

If SanDisk staff has no objections, I can give you a download link for version 1.1.

Please do

Can you give more information about the crash? When does it happen?

Also, what version of Windows are you running? Give some system information.

Can you open a command line window (in Administrator mode) and type:

eccmd -info 

Please send me the result of this command.

Also, we are going to release a new version very soon and it will have the option to run/not run the ExpressCacheApp with Windows.

We prefer not to give away version 1.1.0 since it has also some issues.