Readycache crashes Win 7 64bit

Just downloaded the new, improved ExpressCache software.  It doesn’t seem to fill and after maybe 30 minutes my system reboots inexplicably.  I was satisfied with version 1.2.x.  Is there a way to revert to the older drivers?

Try a complete uninstall of ExpressCache and clear the Temp directory then reinstall ExpressCache 1.3.0

  1. Uninstall ExpressCache and reboot the system
  2.  Navigate to the following location
                  for 64bit system:   C:\Program Files (x86)\SanDisk\
                  for 32bit system:   C:\Program Files\SanDisk 
  3. Delete the ExpressCache folder
  4. Open the Registry editor: Run regedit.exe
  5. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SanDisk and delete ExpressCache

Next we need to clear the Temp directory

  1. Navigate to the Temp directory (typically C:\Users|<Your logon name>\Local\Temp
  2. Highlight and delete all files in the Temp directory
  3. Reboot the PC