Readycache randomly fails on me

The ssd was working fine for the first 2 days.
I did notice my computer booted faster and programs I used often also loaded faster but today I booted up and this came on.

Please fix this issue, it came randomly I did not change anything to my system.

system specs:

FX-8350 , 8 Gigs DDR3, HD7850, 1TB HDD, 64 bit

Comodo anti-virus 

I guess I’ll have to reinstall it now to fix it :neutral_face:

Edit: I did change a setting so my pc goes to sleep mode after an hour of being afk. Which wasn’t enabled during the 2 days when it worked like it should.
This might be causing this?

We are looking into this issue. Can you please set the sleeep setting back to the way it was and let us know if this does not happen again? Thanks!

I can’t seem to reinstall it.

It keeps saying that I still have to restart after the deinstallation. (which I did several times)

Already ran CCleaner in a hope that it would fix it by cleaning reg keys and temp but no luck :l


Try this:

  •  open “Programs and Features” and look for ExpressCache and ExpressCacheApp.

  • If you can see ExpressCacheApp and ExpressCache, do uninstall ExpressCacheApp (only).

  • If you see ExpressCache only, just uninstall it.

  • If you see ExpressCacheApp only, you will need to do the following:

      1. Open “Program Files” (for 32 bit system) or Program Files (x86) (for a 64 bit system) and go to Sandisk folder

      2. Delete the entire ExpressCache folder

      3. Open the registry (run regedit)

      4. Search for ExpressCache, it should be under Sandisk folder and delete the entire ExpressCache regitry tree.

Try to install again.

Removed foler in program files and removed registry entries from expresscache


Is there no total removaltool available?

Somehow the expressCache driver fails to install.

Before you install, you must make sure that there is no ExpressCache and ExpressCacheApp in “Programs and Features”.

You also need to make sure the registry and the ExpressCache folder is removed.

You must reboot .

You must be administrator.

And try to install again.

What Windows version are you runing?

Did a previous version of ExpressCache worked for you?

Can you discribe the steps that you did in details?

I’m running win 7

I’m administrator

Theres nothing to find in “programs and features” that has “express” or “cache” in it.

I removed this folder

I searched the registry and only found this

The above might be causing the problem? I’ve seen it before but didn’t remove it as you only said to remove the “ExpressCache folder”

And I’ve never used a previous version as I only owned this 2 days before it failed on me.

Also I’ve rebooted my system still no luck.

And I can’t remove any of the registry keys in the picture above lol…

It just reinstalled fine.

I know what I did wrong… had to reboot after removing all the folders and registry keys.

I always ran the installer after removing the folders and registry keys which kept giving the error

Working reinstallation:

make sure you have admin rights

  1. kill ExpressCache.exe in taskmanager

  2. kill ExpressCacheApp.exe in taskmanager

  3. Uninstall ExpressCache and ExpressCacheApp in “Programs and Features”

  4. Delete the entire ‘ExpressCache’ folder in Program Files\Sandisk or Program Files (x86)\Sandisk

  5. Open the registry (run regedit) Search for ExpressCache, it should be under Sandisk folder and delete the entire ExpressCache regitry tree.


  7. Reinstall it using the installer

I have same problem:confounded:

tried reinstalling expresscache and it still failed when wake up from sleep

even if I reinstall Windows, problem still there

please fix it

IIRC there is a bug where it will sometimes show that error but it is a false detection. When the error occurs open the command line and run eccmd -info if it shows the status is caching it is a false detction. 


Has this bug been reported so it can be fixed?


Okay this just happened again to me :neutral_face:

Gonna keep readycache uninstalled till this annoying bug is fixed.

it happens again and again and again!:angry:

Can anyone confirm if the eccmd -info command is still showing active after this error message pops up?

I don’t see “active” on the screen even if it’s working

but I took a screenshot when it reported ExpressCache was unavailable

I just installed ExpressCache yesterday and had it display the same pop-up a couple of times. Fortunately, I was able to exit the ExpressCache system tray and close the applicaton, wait a bit, then restart the ExpressCache application. The SSD cache seems to be still in use and functional even though the message seemed to indicate that the Ready Cache SSD was unavailable.  The System and Application event logs show no events associated with the SSD device or the ExpressCache software. If the SSD is failing or in-accessable, I would expect the ExpressCache driver to log an error event into the system event log, since it is handling the i/o to the SSD.

I wonder if this issue is what sets off my raid card alarm, which is especially annoying because i have no way of disabling that.