Windows doesn't boot correctly with SanDisk ReadyCache


My ReadyCache was working fine for the first few days, but lately whenever I shutdown my computer I’m unable to restart it normally.  I get a black screen saying something about Windows not being able to locate files, and then I have to do a Startup Repair operation to get my machine running.  I noticed that when it’s up again, the ReadyCache starts over at 0 GB cached.  I checked the connections and everything seems to be just fine.  

I tried asking customer support but they suggested that I reformat my main HD and reinstall Windows, which seems rediculous to me.  I’ve had absolutely no problems with this machine for three years now.

Here’s my hardware:

Gigabyte UD3-L motherboard

Core i5-750

Radeon 7870

8GB ram

WD Caviar Black 750 GB HD

Any thoughts on what could be causing this?  Thanks in advance!

It sounds like the ReadyCache partition is damaged. I’ve had a similar situation on an Intel RST cache drive and the only solution was to delete the RST partition on the SSD, reboot, then recreate it.

Thanks for the reply. What’s the best way to delete the partition, Windows Disk Manager? Do cache drives show up on there?

the drive will show in disk managment. once you ahve deleted the volume in disk manager reinstall the ec software. 

Well the SSD seems to be working again. I didn’t even get around to deleting the partition, I just reinstalled the ExpressCache software. If its acts up again I’ll have to try creating a new partition.