installed Ready Cache and now system wont boot windows

I installed the Ready Cache and then booted the computer up fine. After i downloaded and installed the ExpressCache software and then rebooted the system my computer would make it to Loading operating system… then it would restart. Once i unplugged the Ready Cache from my computer the system boots up fine. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Are you using any third party antivirus software? Sometimes they can interfere with the proper installation and running of Expresscache software.

Try uninstalling Expresscache and rebooting.

Then temporarily uninstall your AV and reboot.

Now try Installing Expresscache again.

I can’t install Expresscache again. If I connect the ReadyCache to my computer it will not boot up. The only way to install ExpressCache is to have the ReadyCache connected before boot up. So i’m stuck. My only choice seems to be to send the ReadyCache back =[

It won’t boot even though you uninstalled Expresscache??

I got it to boot with the drive connected after a few times. but now when i went to reinstall ExpressCache it says that it can’t detect the ReadyCache

Go to Disk Management and Delete the ReadyCache partition. It will be the one thats 29.82GB in size.

Now restart computer.