Please provide a way to get back to 1.2.0

Having serious problems with the cache resetting itself after having build for hours. 

This happens multiple tims a day.

Reading the posts in the forum, it seems like more people having this issue.

Windows loading times are back too old, slow times after each reset.

Please provide a way to get back to 1.2.0.

The link in your forum in an (old) post refers to 1.2.0, but after installing program version is 1.2.1…

I bought this readycache for my friend and i feel a bit ashamed i recommended it and not being able to fix this.

So any help here is appreciated


100% ACK

Wake up, Sandisk!

With this crappy 1.2.1 is the ReadyCache useless! :angry:

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Yes please provide a way to go back to 1.2.0.  Unfortunately 1.2.1 breaks this product and there is no way for us to get it working without your help since the old ExpressCache versions are not available on your website. 

My Windows 7 Ultimate x64 machine was 100% stable until I updated to ExpressCache 1.2.1.  Ever since then my cache is constantly being reset and when I turn the PC on, it freezes at the Window load screen for 15 seconds before continuing to the login prompt. I’ve also encountered a couple blue screens and after debugging the dump files I tracked the issue back to the ExpressCache drivers.

Expresscache 1.2.1 breaks this product please provide us with a way to go back to 1.2.0 or release an updated version to restore stability.


We have recently found an issue with how the ExpressCache GUI app detects when the cache is reset. When the cache is full and new data need to be cached, the caching engine will flush the oldest unused data. This can trigger the cache reset message to popup since there can be a sharp drop in the cache size. We plan on implementing a fix for this issue in the next release of ExpressCache which we expect to be available very soon. In the meantime, if you do not want to see this reset message, then exit the GUI app using the right button menu option on the system tray icon.


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So its not a real flush, its just an annoying message.

I will to receive for instance pertaining to a person’s the following readycache to get my best mate plus i believe slightly humiliated i actually advisable them without with the ability to mend the following.
Hence every enable recommendations prized. 

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