The cache has been reset" - happens multiple times a week

I’m getting the popup message: “The cache has been reset…”   I seem to get this message multiple times a week.  

I have Readycache install on two different computers and seem to consistantly getting this message on both computers.

Both are Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise.  

Any thoughs as to why this message keeps coming up?

No answer for you, but I’m getting the same thing.

Had ready cache installed for about a week now,  quad coreand really no difference in booting speed .  often takes a lot longer …

and everytime  its a long time , I check the cache and its been reset . happens  far too often ?   at themoemnt it a waste of money  and time :wink:


I also have the same problem.  Can’t seem to find a solution in the forum.

I am running Windows 8, 64 bit version, with 2 hard drives.

Very slow booting, with the cashe restting on each boot.  But when running, it works wonderfully to spped up my normal activity, until it rests again.

Check the “Expresscache Version 1.2.1 released” thread, Sandisk acknowledged the issue there and indicated it was (mostly?) cosmetic, but no ETA on a fix.

The solution appears to be wait for the fix or downgrade to an earlier release (which is not advised by Sandisk).

update released. 1.3 fixed this issue

Is anyone else seeing this issue after upgrading to 1.3.0?

Had to remove it from my rocket raid controller because it kept  setting off the alarm:P  but on motherboard controller it seems more prone to resets, i think iread in another thread that am3 boards do it, too early to say much but its reset a couple times.

Yea after further use its still resetting, windows 7 32bit am3 amd system.