Any way to stop "cache has been reset" dialog popping up?

I am getting “cache has been reset” multiple times a day, and it is getting very annoying. Any way to keep the dialog from popping up?

I am running Windows 7 64-bit with an Areca ARC-1220 RAID card, so I assume it’s the raid making the cache desync…which is fine since it doesn’t seem to cause anything to fail, but the dialog is sooooooo annoying lol.

Yes, find an older version of the expresscache software. I’m happly using version 1.01.

I could not solve this problem either, very annoying. One time my computer boots in 21 seconds, the next 2 1/2 mnutes while its flushing and rebuilding the cache. I searched my computer and found a version I downloaded in Oct 2012. I returned to this version and have not had this problem again.

I have the same problem here. I just purchased my drive. It’s made my system faster, but the ‘cache has been reset’ dialog has appeared 4 times today. No pattern to it that I can see.

Any idea where we can download an old version of the software?

Return your cachdisk. It will end your worries.

Im returning mine tomorrow.

Same here :angry:

5-6x this crappy Popup.

Need a older Readycache SW Version plz!

This message seems for me to be related to VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) and backups.  After Norton Ghost backup (which uses VSS technology), the message sometimes appears.

I have found that if I reboot my pc each morning, the SanDisk error message doesn’t occur.  Of course this isn’t a “fix” just a workaround.  (Windows 7 32 bit)

Same here under Windows 8 pro 64bit

Same here - since installing the 1.21 software, I’m happy to make it 4 reboots without the cache needing to be flushed manually, or it automatically flushing itself.

Win7 Pro x64

AMD SB 750 chipset (the Sandisk is on an ATA port, system drives are on RAID)

We have recently found an issue with how the ExpressCache GUI app detects when the cache is reset. When the cache is full and new data need to be cached, the caching engine will flush the oldest unused data. This can trigger the cache reset message to popup since there can be a sharp drop in the cache size. We plan on implementing a fix for this issue in the next release of ExpressCache which we expect to be available very soon. In the meantime, if you do not want to see this reset message, then exit the GUI app using the right button menu option on the system tray icon.


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When you exit the GUI app as mentioned above the ExpressCache engine is still running and caching is 100% active.