Cache Randomly Reset/Deleted in Windows 8.1


I just noticed the sticky about this. *sigh* Very disappointing that it hasn’t been fixed yet.

I have noticed that my cached data will resent after every few reboots of Windows 8.1. I have tried the fix in another thread that recommended turning off the fast startup in Windows 8.1 but this did not fix my problem.

I am running the Sandisk ReadyCache SSD in an E1-572 notebook with the SSD drive in the optical bay (I removed the DVD-ROM). The software, drivers and everything is setup and working. I can run the ExpressCache software and see that all is working and my main HDD is being cache.

However, what happens is that after 5 to 10 restarts (I did not power down during this time), the cache is deleted and reset to zero. Does anyone have any solutions? This is rather annoying :expressionless:

Yep experiencing the same problem on Windows 8.1, need help too