My computer locks up when using Ready Cache.

I have a computer whith both Win 7, 86 and 64. When using my Win 7 86 bit the computer irrationally locks up. It could funktion OK for several days then it locks up every 5 -10 minutes. Now I have disconnect the drive and my 32 bits OS working OK. It must have to do with the software from Sandisk I think. What do you say about that?

when it locks up does it BSOD? what errors do you see in event viewer? are you trying to use the RC SSD and software with both OS 86 and 64?

It locks up whatever I do. It’s locks up Media Monkey, Firefox, Thunderbird sometimes I can finish programs that not have with internet to do. But I have to restart my computer every time, Firefox can save websites that I’m visiting and reload those after reboot.

No BSOD and the OS don’t respond to anything, maybe I can shut down  PDF Viewer with the mouse, keyboard is dead.

I’m using the software in both versions of windows but they dont look alike.

Sometimes I don’t have a RC installed, have tried to change SATA kable and clean SATA connector on motherboard, no progress.

And the falt only occur in Windows 7, 86. So it’s wery confusing.

you say you are using it on both the 86 and 64. are you deleting the partition each time you change OS? the software cant be used with more than one OS installation at a time. 

I’m having several HDD:s in my computer. One of those have 32 bit and another having 64 bit OS.

So I boot from different HDD:s and having your software on both.

I’m working from the 32 bit OS now and thats funktioning since I plugged out  the RS yesterday.

You can’t use the expresscache software on more than one OS, regardless of your set up. The Expresscache software will only work with one OS installation at a time. All the cache data is inclusive of the OS it was originally set up on. If you want to use it in both you will have to delete the partition on the RC SSD each time you start up a different OS. If it is trying to read cached data from a different OS this could be causing your issues. This product is meant for one system not multiple system. Even though you have multiple OS on a single machine it is logically different machines. 

Initially I was installing the SSD Cache on my only at that time 32 bit OS. My problem started some week after that and I started to try to find the fault. It’s a difficult problem and to eliminate the motherboard as source of error I installed Win 7, 64 on another hard-drive. When I change boot drive it become C: and I don’t think the software start looking for anything on a drive that not have booted. For the hardware SSD is emptied of data every reboot that are done by me because lock up computer.

What do you think? Would I reconnect the SSD Cache and let my computer lock up again? Have bought a SATA expansion card, maybe I should connect Ready Cache to those ports for testing? Now I’m shutting my computer down and going to connect as above.

Now I have reconnected the drive. Looking forward to a problem free computer. Have emptied the Ready Cache drive.

Funny, now I have rebooted my computer and unplugged the **bleep** product because of lock-up! Would be very interesting to see what you say about that!

So here is what I would try.

uninstall Expresccache

connect the SSD and go to disk management and delete the partition.

download the sandisk SSD toolkit and look at the SMART values. make sure none are fail

reinstall expresscache

if freezing continues try connecting the ssd to the SATA expansion slot. That should bypass your SATA controller on the MB. If the freezing continues contact sandisk support and see about warranty replacement there may be something wrong with the SSD. 

OK! I will try that. But today it’s Midsommarafton here in Sweden so I’m going to have some party. Try it tomorrow and post the result.

Friday I was trying your instructions and computer locked up after one hour, rebooted and ten minutes later same thing happened. The longest function after reinstall is about five hours. Very boring! Have tried to shut down the two processes named ExpresseCache and the computer working OK. Is the software calling home for verification of license with some hidden process? Maybe if so it will be stopped by my Outpost firewall and the computer locks?

IIRC the software does do a call home. Try giving it access through your firewall and see if the issue contuinues. 

Could you give my a more precise program? IIRC don’t get any hits when I’m searching.

allow access for Expresscache, that should take care of it. The software is made by Condusiv Technologies so you may want to grant access to that as well

ExpressCache does not call home. However, when you first run the older versions that need an activation code, will send the activation code to our server. This is an HTTP command so your PC should not be blocking it. ExpressCache also checks for new versions on our server everytime the GUI app starts, and this is also an HTTP command so it should not be blocked as well.

I have tried to shut down the firewall and the computer locks. It have to be a hardware fault on the express cache. Going to try support. Thanks for the help.