ExpressCache version 1.3.1 released


Is Sandisk monitoring these threads?

Have not seen any replies.


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Are SANDISK experts are looking at these posts?

New version 1.3.1 crashed my computer the day I installed it.

There seems to be some issue with coming out of standby/sleep as well.

It is unusable at this point. I had to uninstall ExpressCache.

Version 1.3.0 of ExpressCache worked better than this.

Other users, Please reply to this post if you have the installer for version 1.3.0.

Message to SANDISK : Cache SSD has great potential. But only if you folks can work out the problems with TERRIBLE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. May be you should approach some other developer. Condusiv guys keep coming up with new problems. They are not experts.

Also, caching method needs to be more intelligent so that its not caching the same things many times over - inducing cache resets frequently. If Condusiv guys say they can’t come up with better solutions then its time to move on and let them go. May be this project with caching tech is way over their heads. No offense.

Also, SANDISK might think ReadyCache might reduce their SSD sales. But these are not competing products.

Competing (and seemingly functioning) product would be Hybrid drives. They work and they are made by a different company.


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I dumped the condusive crapware, formatted the readycache drive and copied my HD windows partition to the readycache SSD. My existing H/D is now used for caching and storing data. This method enables troublefree use with a noticeable performance gain as well as being able to access flashdrives and external USB H/D’s properly.

As far as the software is concerned, it is NOT fit for purpose I do not appreciate being forcibly treated like a beta tester for something I did not subscribe to. I have more pressing things to do with my PC.

As for everyone else, good luck, and enjoy the beta testing

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Just booted up today and software did not load with Windows 7 again (have it set to load with Windows). Had to manually open it. Software continues to be buggy. Issues I’ve dealt with.

  1. When set to open with Windows, it continues to also open on Desktop in addition to appearing in the system tray. IT SHOULD NOT OPEN ON DESKTOP when set to load with Windows (it should only appear in the system tray)…

  2. Sometime when setting it to NOT open with Windows the caching part does not activate. When opening software it gives a message saying no SSD can be found. Have to reboot with setting to open with Windows and this time boots up with software saying cache had to be reset back to the beginning.

  3. Sometimes when Booting (setting to load with Windows), the software does not come up, have to open it manually.

  4. Get Windows Explorer errors sometimes when closing folder windows, especially when turning off computer.

Sandisk and Condusiv need to get it together on this product.

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Why can’t Sandisk technical people post here?

I’m having simlar problems to the ones described in this thread.


We are lookng into this. We have an open dialog going on with Condusiv. There are many thing on this thread that are being reviewed. We will have a new release that will hopefully address ALL of your issues you have raised. No date yet… stay tuned and thanks for your input!


Hi gls ,

Nice to hear that folks at SANDISK are working hard and fast to resolve the issues.

As it happens to be, my cache ssd is rendered useless because of ExpressCache issues.

Since you are working on “ALL issues” - here are some inputs. Hope these help designing a better version.

-ExpressCache crashes computer when resuming from sleep/standby. The sleep mode is haswell’s deep sleep. Its like hybernation. Or something like that. Condusiv guys will understand… probably. 

-Experienced corrupt files with a Virtual Machine. Missing files rendered the install irrepairable. Had to reinstall.

-The drive fills up quickly when computer goes through just normal shutdown-start cycle. I am guessing its caching the same files many times over. Even though there hasn’t been any windows updates or drive defrags. Will they be able to come up with more intelligent caching methods?

Thanks to everyone who are working hard.



You mention in a post that 1.3.1 crashes your PC. Can you post the crash dump. It may help in tracking down the problem.

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Hi drlucky ,

Thanks for looking into all of the issues.

I don’t have the dump files.

I have gotten rid of an application that may have caused the BSOD as well.

Right now I have EC 1.3.1 installed again. I will wait until it goes blue.

Then PM you the dump file.

Thanks again to all the folks at SANDISK and CONDUSIV.


@gls, slotmonsta, drlucky, georgealon,

Please re-read this thread and others, especially my message in this thread, #15.

When Condusiv and Sandisk *truly* work together and create a QA tested, high quality version ready for final release, I would be most appreciative. As a matter of fact, it might be better to issue a pre-release beta, for all to test, give feedback and revert back to 1.3.1 if needed, until a final “gold” release is posted.

Just how I feel. There are many threads/posts with issues.

Another idea is to build in some software telemetry that users can opt-out of, to feedback logs and other problems which can be better trapped and diagnosed by you people at Sandisk and Condusiv.

I understand that Condusiv also makes this ExpressCache software for HP’s $50 16 GB Flash Cache accelerator.

I wonder how HP is doing with the software as well.

Please make us and yourselves happy. I know it is not an easy task.

Thanks to all,

Compumind :slight_smile:


Compumind -



Flavio C.



@ drlucky

After using EC for some time, I am seeing some issues more clearly.

  • PC hangs completely when resuming from sleep.

  • Event log shows “error” and “warning” numerous times for slow startup and wakeup because of EC and many drivers for other components. There are probably hundreds of these warnings that I hadn’t had any notification for. All of them relate to coming back from sleep.

  • Cache reset itself since the PC hang.

Back to square one. Can’t use EC as it is right now. What a disappointment.

TO USERS: Guys, if possible try putting your computer to standby/sleep and see what kind of reaction you get. Some of you might have the same issue.

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So is your PC no longer BSOD? It would be really helpful if you can provide the memory dump after a BSOD.

Also are you still having issues with virtual machines? If so what type of VM are you using and how is it configured?

@Redcache: What virtual machine software are you using wnad how is it configured to run on your system? IS it still corrupting files or has this been fixed as well?

I am using Bitbox browser which uses VM 4.0.16. Its configured by the browser. I had one instance where the Bitbox tray app was open when computer was put to sleep and experienced missing files. Don’t remember which files. Reinstalled it and stopped using sleep/standby functin for now. I still have EC installed for last 2 days. I am seeing cache filling up too quickly. Right now its over 25gigs. It’ll reset soon.

Unfortunately I don’t have the dump files from previous BSOD to share. Wish I did. Sorry.

I haven’t experienced BSOD yet since I have stopped putting PC to sleep. Using full shutdown right now. And of course cache filling up very quickly.

Like an user had mentioned during the past day or two, if you folks want us users to beta test the whole thing then you must make it official. And also make “relatively stable” previous versions available for download. Do the whole thing.

We understand it must be difficult. But we also don’t want to see some pinhead at CONdusiv trying out his luck at a career in coding.

I am genuinely sorry to be harsh since I don’t know who would take the harshness personally.

To the folks at SANDISK, Just get it done. Good luck.

I am already checking out alternatives.There are quite a few.

BUT I won’t be leaving readycache without a detailed review on Amazon. But not just yet.

I have hope for SANDISK. I want to keep the hope alive. Its synthetic. But it still is.

And you have time… to fix it.


No need to reset the cache as once it gets full the hot-cold swapping algorithms kick in and manage the cache appropriately. The fuller, the better!

Hope you are looking at this page too…

Note the technical comments by Wetnap and myself.



Is the new version still coming out today?

I hope that they don’t release the new version until all is tested!


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