Clip Zip Will Not Charge, Show Connected on Screen (frozen on logo) or Turn On

My Clip Zip started malfunctioning. Tech Chat had me maually install new firmware. The player continued to play the wrong podcast or a song instead of a podcast or skip or repeat over and over in the middle of a podcast, plus the buttons had a delayed response. Now it won’t get past the logo (square, mult-colored logo) when I try to power on or charge. Tech support is not available on weekends, which I think SUCKS, and I’m not finding any description of this problem anywhere.

Well, today is Monday. Call Tech Support back . . . you might get a free replacement player (if it’s still within warranty, that is).

Hi Scandrew, any luck yet on calling tech support? I was wondering if you were offered with a replacement. 

Tech support answered my call quickly and immediately offered a replacement, so it’s on its way after I used their UPS label they had emailed to me to send the malfunctioning player back to them. I’ve read some comments in forums recommending that Rockbox be downloaded to use instead of the SanDisk firmware in order to avoid that problem.

I received my replacement today. Sending my dead player back and getting a replacement took two long weeks. Now, the replacement player has the latest firmware, and it SUCKS! I can no longer bookmark podcasts to go back to where I left off unless I’m only turning the player off entirely. Otherwise, the only option if you go to another podcast or the radio or whatever is to START OVER ENTIRELY with your podcast. I called in about this, and there’s nothing to be done about it. So, I will no longer recommend the Clip Zip under any circumstances.

You can do something about it. It is very easy. Just do a manual downgrade of the firmware to an older version.

You can try these versions for instance:

Instructions for a manual upgrade or downgrade of the firmware are in the links.

Thanks a lot for your effort to help. Today, as I was out walking my dog, I paused a podcast, went to the Radio, then went back to the podcast and it was bookmarked. For all I know, after complaing to Tech Support and then plugging the Clip Zip in to charge last night, perhaps the firmware was changed again automatically. I’ll have to figure out later if the problem has been fixed. It did ask “Resume or Start Over.” Very odd. I don’t know what’s going on right now, but I may not need to get an older firmware installed.