any help? lots of irritating little glitches

so i will start off by saying i have owned sandisk products before and have always been satified with thier performance(2 sansa fuze mp3 players- not the± as well as sd cards and flashdrives.) but this clipzip i recently purchased is always acting up in the most irritating ways from all of the sudden not registering songs that are on the device(800+ songs down to 100 some songs) to constantly refreshing media over and over. ive had to format the device twice in the past 2 weeks and reload all my music, which takes nearly 3 hours on my old computer. and then last night it started acting up again. now i must wait 20 seconds between songs or for any of the user interface options to work. and it seems the screen goes black or it just shuts off on its own(it is charged when it does this.) i dont want to have format and reload every other week just to listen to music. i really wanted to like this product but im not sure i can with all the frustration it causes me. any ideas/suggestions? what about warranty/customer support?- i wish they still made the orignal fuze(not the+) they worked very well- no complaints- they still work fine except for the earphonjacks are a bit worn after years of troublefree use. also i am pretty my certain my clipzip came with the latest firmware update. thank you

update- took out sd card and turned on- then turned off and inserted sd card so it would refresh media- seems to work fine for now except not registering 700+ songs- rrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh- what a piece of faulty technologie- i guess i call support- i got it just over a month ago- wish i could return it- time to format again- rrrrrrggghhhhh

Hmmm–is it possible that the microSD card is glitchy/faulty?

Note that if worse comes to worse, your player has a 1-year warranty and Sandisk will replace it.

i suppose it could be the sd card- but it worked fine on my fuze- and the missing songs are on the internal memory- i just talked to support and they said they would replace it- lets hope this one works properly- anyone own a clip zip that works well?

As noted in the separate thread you started, to ask this question:  yes.