My Sansa Clip Zip don't work anymore !!!

Hi, even after a solft reset then press again, pug in, no react !!!

What can i do ?

Can u state the exact problem with ur ClipZip?

is it not turning on after u charged it for around 3 hrs?

Did u reset the player?(like hold the power button for 30secs). then switch it on.?

Just Nothing, black screen !, as i said i’ve tried soft reset, charging all night, not even a icon while charging, Nothing…

You might try holding the on button down for as much as a minute, and leaving the player to charge for a day or 2.  Although I do wonder if this is a charging circuit/power issue.  

If all else fails, you’re covered by the SanDisk 1-year (or more) warranty, and can contact SanDisk Customer service for a replacement.

If Reset doesn’t work and no icon shows up while charging and u said u charged the whole night,

Then i guess ur player must be faulty.

Contact sandisk Support for replacement if ur player is still under warranty.

Support said it was a real problem, by chance amazon give me a refund (after 6 months !) , i just buy new one, hope this one will not faill after few months…

Great to hear–good for you!