Not charging correctly, turning on, or resetting, any suggestions?

My clip zip will not turn on. When I first got it, I updated the software and loaded it up with songs and it worked fine the first time and the second time, though it lost its charge faster than it should have (2-3 hours). I charged it using the provided USB cable, but it did not seem to hold it as well again (it was the first charging).

The third time I turned it on, the charge was half gone after just charging it. I had it on for only ten minutes before turning it off. when I tried to turn it on again, It would not turn on. I tried charging it, it did not work.

I tried resetting it while plugged into the computer. The screen turns on, but most of it is covered with criss cross black lines, like the screen is damaged or it is corrupted. I can seee the player starting up, the background changes colors and different hues of orange behind the black lines, but as soon as I let go of the power button, it turns off, and i have to dissconnect and reconnect if I want to try it again.

I tried forcing it into MSC mode, and nothing happened.

My computer will not recognize it anymore.

Any suggestions?

I’m really dissapointed because every other Sansa MP3 player has worked out fantastically, and I got this one specifically because I trust this brand. Even worse, I am not sure I can exchange/return it.

Definitely sounds like you got a defective unit. If you cannot return or exchange it through whereever you bought it from, and it was bought as ‘new’ and not ‘re-furbed’ SanDisk can replace it under their warranty. Call Tech Support and they should be able to handle it for you.