Looking for Help

    I’m a Chinese boy… I bought this mp3 two weeks ago and I received on Oct.4 .

But when I only used it for 5 min ,its screen became black.

I have tried all ways to make it  power on. 

I almost want to send it back and change for a new one.

Yet just now I can turn it on again.

Is that only because I haven’t charge it up? Or some serious problems?

I should send it back and change or just continue using it?

I know my English is not good but I really need you help…

Definitely plug in your Sansa and allow it to fully charge when new.  If if freezes, please note that the device needs to be reset  by holding the power button depressed for about 20 seconds.  This resets the player.

If the Clip Zip does not light up the display when plugged in to the USB port, try resetting it (unplugged) and plug in again.

To protect the display when charging, the clip Zip turns it off after a moment, to see if all is OK, simply tap the center button to wake up the display.  The little battery icon in the upper right will flash when charging.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: