Found a Clip Zip

Hi all. I found a Sansa Clip Zip at my local Goodwill and it was new in box. Everything was sealed and when I got home to charge it for at least 30 minutes, it won’t turn on. I googled every solution I could from holding down the power and menu button, holding down the menu button while connecting it to the PC, and etc. I only managed to “format” the mp3 player when used as a storage device, but it won’t turn on. Is there any other solution that someone could give me to get it up and running?

Hi @Gamn,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hello … I have a number of older Sansa players, myself, and I always go with the ones that run, other than one Clip Sport I got “used-like New” for under $20

ANYWAY, i am actually hear on the forums trying to fix ONE specific Sansa Fuze+ that has a battery drain issue where it drains even when off and seems dead. I plug any cable into a “wall plug” and then try to get life out of it … nothing … I do have an old clp+ that may have had this same issue and fix but I broken that one opening it up.

in my case if i take the same cable and plug it into my Dell laptop (other end connecting to the player OF COURSE) there are signs of life … if i say leave it plugged into my laptop for oh … .say 15 minutes then unplug it, making sure the player is off … then plug it into the wall the same way that didn’t intial work, it turns on, charging the player… it’s almost like a version of “jump starting” the charge, I think. I will NOT act like i know why this method works for me (and maybe you too) … the amount of amps coming into the player vs my cheaper “wall charger”, perhaps … but i’d just be guessing.

I’d try charging it with a computer and see if you get any life out of it. If not … the battery could be dead completely … though if you can solder there are replacements that you may be about to use. I think this one Fuze+ (I have had a few good ones before it that still work without this issue) I have with this issue still has a decent battery but it has a short somewhere or something that causes it to decharge fast even when not in use, but I have bought it in April 2021 and almost in Sept 2022 and i still have it working … it gets tempermental sometimes but while it can seem dead at times, i can bring it back to life

Anything that old is going to need a new battery, especially with capacities that low they have hard lives of deep discharges, likely just stone dead.

Unfortunately, they skimped on a jack and the battery can only be replaced with soldering