My Brand New Clip+ is Dead

I just bought a brand new Clip+ (4GB).  It will not turn on.  I charged it first (using the ridiculously short USB into my desktop PC) and the battery indicator still does not show fully charged even though I charged it overnight. My PC does find and recognize the Clip+.

I tried everything I could find on this forum:

  1. I held the power button down for 15 seconds.

  2. I held the power button down for over a minute.

  3. I held the power and menu buttons down simultaneously.

  4. I pressed the menu button down a split second before holding down the power button.


Needless to say, I am not happy with this MP3 player. 

I hope you can help me or I will be returning it.

Do you have a cell phone charger you could try charging it with? When charging via pc, use a rear usb port on a desktop pc, or if you have a notebook make sure it is plugged in before connecting the player. A front usb port on a desktop pc might not put out enough power to charge the player. On battery power, a notebook pc greatly limits the power to the usb ports.

You could try connecting the player to your pc and formatting it(as FAT32). After that, if it turns on, then format it again using the player’s menu(settings, system settings, FORMAT). The downside to this is that you will lose the sample songs on the player. If you really want them, you could copy them to yor pc before formatting the player. I seem to remember needing to format some of my Sandisk players when they were new.

I don’t care about the sample songs.  I don’t know if I have a cell phone charger hanging around somewhere.  My Blackberry uses a different charger.

I’ll look for a usable charger though and see if that works.


Sounds like a dud. I’d return it and get another one.

Yep, sounds like you got a defective unit.

If handy to return and exchange for a new one, that might be easiest/best. Having said that, sometimes leaving the player attached to the power overnight or for a day or 2 (yes, that long) can “trickle charge” the player so that it then will start without any issue. (If trying this, I’d then watch the player carefully, to make sure that this was a 1-time event and not a defect issue.)

I have a problem with the battery life, at first I thought the clip was broken because when I tried to charge it nothing showed up, but after a day it showed, I am using a camera charger to get it to charge. I bought a refurbished clip in June and used it maybe 40 times and now only get a little over an hour of battery, and it shows fully charged before I start using it. VERY DISAPPOINTED in this product!!