So I bought a Black 2gb Clip mp3 player back in December. Things were going ok with it up until a month ago. I tried to put some new music on my mp3, but I wasn’t able to. I plugged my mp3 player into the usb slots, and nothing came up. I updated my windows media player to the newest addition and everything. I tried going into windows media player, and clicking on the sync button. No options for my mp3 player came up.

I thought maybe if I charged it I’d be good, but everytime I charge it while it’s connected to my usb cord it says connected, and shows a full battery. But when I take off the usb cord the mp3 player keeps saying low battery, and no other options come up. Once it says low battery it just dies on me after a few seconds.

Is there a way I can get this fixed, or do I have to send it in to SanDisk?

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Hey, I had this same problem and I fixed it. when plugging ur mp3 player in you’re PC, switch the lock switch to on and hold the middle button down untill it reads connected. Let me know if this works.

I tried what you said. When I disconnected the bar is full, but it still says low battery. I can’t go to any other options on my mp3 player either. I’m going to try charging it for an hour or so to see what happens? Will update later.

Try resetting the Clip by holding the power slider in the UP position until it turns OFF (15 seconds or so). Then turn it ON again and see if it’s any better…

BTW full charging takes a few hours (but one hour should get you plenty of charge to get it to work).