Dead Clip? Say it ain't so!

I have an 8 gig Sansa Clip that has stopped working.  I recently let the battery die, but now every time I plug it in to my computer, the computer doesn’t recognize it.  I’m wondering about one particular factor: I was using a cheap adapter to charge it in my car. Is it possible that could have an effect?

I really like this mp3 player and i definitely don’t want to buy a new one. Please help!

Yes, a bad adapter could wreck the battery.

But if you’re lucky, maybe it’s a just a cord problem. Do you have another USB-to-mini-USB cord you can try with it?

You might also try a simple reset. The player might not be dead at all, but merely playing possum.

You might also leave it trickle-charging from an on power source for a few days–that can be enough to wake the bugger into functioning. 

Incidentally a Reset is holding down the power button for a full 15-30 seconds.