Is my Clip+ Dead?

Hi Everyone,

Earlier today while I was working out to the Clip, the music suddenly cut off and I was unable to get the screen to power on. I hooked it up to a car power adapter on the way home, nothing happened.

So I went home and plugged it into my USB, it would say that it’s trying to install new device software, which eventually fails leaving me unable to access the Clip+.

Eventually it was able to detect it, but told me I had to reformat the drive, which had only 4.03 mb available (i have 8gb -_-) so I didn’t bother with that.

I then tried doing a hard reset following the user guide, nothing happened. 

Any idea what could’ve happened? Or did my Clip+ just spontaneously die? The device is still plugged to a USB port as I’m typing this.

I’ve had this MP3 player since the beginning of this year with no issues until today.

Thanks fellas! 

Message Edited by foolie on 06-09-2010 08:56 PM