Clip+ died & revived...

My Clip+ has seen daily use for the past year, but twice in the past week it shut itself down while I was listening and refused to come back to life (immediately).  It wouldn’t respond to plugging it in to 2 different wall chargers, a USB port, multiple resets, etc.  The following day, I decided to remove my micro SD card, then “reset” it one more time, and it immediately popped up with “refreshing media”.  It was back! 

I plugged it in for a full charge, since I suspected that’s why it died, but a few days later it repeated the trick.  That time I just persisted with multiple resets and popping the SD card in & out, and within 5 minutes it was working again (and I verified the battery was not low).

I haven’t had any other problems since then, but as soon as I get through the DRM library books I currently have checked out, I’m going to reformat the Clip+.  I’m not sure that’s enough.  If I already have the current firmware, will a manual install allow me to reinstall a fresh copy of the current firmware on top of it?

(Any other ideas?) Thanks.

Yep (as to the reapplication of the latest firmware). Without affecting (erasing) your content. A good idea, in the circumstances–software/firmware code can become corrupt over time.

I’ll give that a try even before reformatting, then.  thanks.

@kmk_01kmk wrote:

I’ll give that a try even before reformatting, then.  thanks.

I’d wait until you’re through with those borrowed library books. Updating the fimware is likely to reset the internal clock, screwing around with your ‘permission’ settings for those files.

I was concerned about something like that.  Thanks for verifying that there is a potential problem with updating firmware & existing DRM-protected files.  I only have a few short books left that I haven’t been able to re-transfer to my old backup Clip so I’ll wait!  (I’m still confident that with persistence I can bring my Clip+ back to life if it dies again - ever the optimist!)