Sansa Clip + totally dead

Hello all

I have had my clip for a while now, not sure how long but certianly a year.

Well i have never been that happy with it.  It seemed to decharge a lot and a couple of times it just stopped dead and would need the USB cable to be reset.

Well yesterday it finally stopped working alltogether and i can’t say that i am surprised.

I have tried to hold the power button for 20 secs, 1 minute, 5 minute and what seemed like forever.  I plugged it into a computer and an AC usb and left it for hours but still no joy.

The only thing that is good about it is that it is still functioning as a usb stick but it won’t switch on and thus can’t work as an MP3 player.

I have read elsewhere that 0people have had issues with them and i am afraid that the sound quality and price do not outweight the poor reliability of this device.  I will not be buying another Sansa as a result.  Oh well i moved away from an ipod but that worked for 5yrs without any failure, it is a shame that the clip wasn’t nearly as reliable!

So i took it apart and blew is around a bit and wangled the wires to the battery.  I had given up all hope until i put it back together and low and behold it is back to life!  I don’t know how and for how long but it is working again!

Down side is that i broke the clip in doing so, very annoying as i used that all the time!

It sounds as if a connection to the battery had become undone . . . .