Sansa Just Stopped Working

I got some great responces to a request a month or so ago about my new Sansa not playing through my car’s USB plug in; problem solved after some great tips from you all.  New problem…the darn thing died!  or apparently died!  I got nothin.  was playing one day, next day stopped, totally.  doesn’t even show up when I USB it to my computer, doesn’t seem to be getting a charge.  Only bught it back in May.  Is there a reset or something?  Odd to think that it just died!


Holding the power button for 30 seconds (or sometimes for up to 60 seconds or more) will work a re-set–you might try that.

Otherwise, you might try leaving the player attached to an “on” power recharge source for a couple of days–sometimes, a trickle charge can be enough to get the player up and running again.  Your situation is something that sometimes happens when the battery discharges too far, preventing the player from starting up again. 

Also, is your player the original Clip or the Clip+?  In the original, some players had an issue with the lead attached to the battery inside becoming detached. 

Thanks. Yes I read that in another thread after posting my question. It is working now after holding the power button for 15-20 seconds. Have had it connected to my PC for several hours but not sure if it is charged. Just disconnected and turned it off and will check in the morning. I just bought it at Radio Shack this Spring so I’m not sure if it’s a clip or clip plus. It’s black and holds 4 gigs.

Most likely, it’s the Clip+ – the original Clip is the version with a glowing circular ring on the front and a slider on-off switch on the left side (as versus an on-off button on top). 

Glad yours is working now – hopefully, it’ll continue that way.  But some good news:  if ir doesn’t, you have a 1-year warranty and SanDisk will replace the unit within that period (even covering the shipping both ways).