Pre-Owned Sansa Clip+ Only Turns On When Connected to Pc

Hi all,

I’ve bought a pre-owned, supposedly working Clip+ from an eBay seller with good rating. 

The player will NOT turn on, though. The screen does not show anything. I’ve tried pressing the power button for 30+ seconds and nothing changes. 

However, when I plug it in my laptop, the screen turns on and everything looks okay. I can see the device in Windows, browse the folders etc. The battery says it’s at 100% too. 

  • Is there a way to ‘reset’ the Clip+ from Windows to hopefully get it working as normal?
  • Any other ideas on how to hopefully revive this player?

Also, BTW, this one says SanDisk instead of Sansa on the front. My old Clip+ said Sansa. Does anyone know how come? It’s identical in all other respects. 


When connecting to USB adapter, the screen turns on. The battery looks like it’s charging for about 15 seconds but then turns into a battery symbol that’s crossed out. Does this mean the battery is dead or is there another solution? Everything else seems to work fine when plugged in.


Late reply, but did you see this post a few topics down from yours?

That’s me.  Same situation.

You have a dead battery and the only solution is to open up the Clip+ and replace it.  There are tutorials and videos on how to do it; it helps to search and read/view all of them to get the Big Picture on how it all works. 

Or you can order a new battery off eBay (there’s one for 17 bucks that’s supposedly OEM for the Clip+)  and try your friendly local PC/phone repair shop to see if they’ll solder it in for you.

Or you can sell it and buy a working Clip+, which is what I did.