Brand new Clip+ not charging...anything else to try?

I recently bought a brand new, still sealed 4GB Clip+. Unsurprisingly, the battery was fully discharged out of the box. Sadly, though, nothing I’ve tried seems to revive it from its current comatose state.

First, I messed around with different computers, USB ports, and cables. I can force it to MSC mode and everything is recognized (MTP or MSC) on Windows 7 Pro x64. However, the screen just loops “Connected” and the SanDisk logo while the battery graphic in the top right corner indicates full. No animation. After many hours connected either to a USB 3.0 or an always-on USB 2.0 port, the Clip+ doesn’t turn on.

Next, I connected using a Samsung 5V 2A travel charger. This woke up the Clip+ and I could navigate all the menus, reset, format, etc. and see it’s running firmware v01.02.17. However, under AC power, the battery indicator shows empty with a diagonal line through it. No animation. Charging it for a number of hours doesn’t move System Settings>Power from 0%.

Besides crying tears of disappointment, I’m not sure if there’s anything left to do short of a battery replacement…or perhaps time travel back to file a warranty claim. I suppose I could leave it on AC power for some days and cross my fingers. Attempt a firmware up/downgrade??

Hoping any of the Sansa Gurus still checking in on the forums might offer some guidance…thanks!


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