clip won't charge

I haven’t even used it yet. Just got it. I plugged it into USB2 port and it shows it’s charging but it never charges. I left it for hours and at one point the display went dark so i figured it’s charged. But i remove it and it won’t work…just says “low battery”. Also, i hear the windows plug and unplug sound you hear when a USB device is plugged or unplugged about every few minutes. Support said it sounds defective, but then the guy seemed so clueless i can’t possibly assume he knows what he’s talking about.

You probably cant charge until you can get a solid connection to the PC.  MSC mode may help.

power off the device,  Set the Hold switch to lock.  Press and hold the center button and connect to the computer.

you should see found new hardware USB Mass Storage device.

assuming it connects,  observe if the battery icon animation is moving.  If you hear plug and unplug its not going to charge properly.

After you can get a good charge,  disconnect and go to Seetings>USB Mode and select MSC.

I would also update the firmware.

Another way to charge is to connect to a cell phone charger,  such as the Razor.

The fact that the device says low battery indicates the battery wires are connected and hopefully youll be able to charge the battery.  If not,  return it. 

Now it’s doing something different, but i don’t know if it’s charging or not. Now i no longer hear the connec/disconnect windows sounds, and the screen is staying on, but the battery icon looks different. Instead of showing the battery filling up with a loading bar, the battery showed what appears to be partially full. That is, about 1/4 of it is filled with yeallow. Then after a while it shows NO yellow in it so it looks 100% emapty 1 this is so bizzare. Who designs these things…monkeys?