clip not working at all anymore

First, I have to say this thing has been quite a dissapointment.

It is tough to get it to charge. I have been unable to charge for about a week now, so I found this forum. You people seem to know quite a bit about these, so here goes.

The clip flashed low battery about an hour ago while i was again trying (and failing) to get it to charge. My computer doesnt even recognoze it anymore. Also, my laptop doesnt, nor does my work computer.

Anyway, I cant charge it, cant turn it on, cant do myuch of anything with it.

Any ideas?

Thank you. 

First, try a reset by holding the power switch up in the ON position for 10 seconds, and then power up as usual.  Did your Clip come to life?

If it is back up and running, you’re good to go, otherwise:

Your best option at this point is to first see if you can charge the device.  Turn it off, and flip the power switch down to the “lock” position (orange showing).

Then, connect to the PC USB port while holding the center button down until it is recognized.  This can take up to 30 seconds.  The computer should see the device as a mass storage device (MSC mode), and it will charge in this mode.  Look at the display of the sansa and see if the battery icon is flashing.

Bob  :smiley:

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Yeah, I ran into this problem.  I had it plugged in and it appeared as if it was charging by looking at the display on the player.  However, My Computer did not recognize the device.  So I don’t think it was charging.  There is a settings option on the player to set USB connection to MSC mode.  Once I did this, my computer recognized the device.

You are good!

Thank you very much! So greatly appreciated. Working fine again and charging like it should.

This was very helpful. My daugthers’ was dead, now it is charging. thanks.