Brand new Clip Zip will not power on hardly at all, acting HIGHLY unusual. Any ideas?

This seems to be a recurring problem with my Sansa Clip players. They are great little players for the price but WTF. I recently purchased a Clip Zip and it already has developed a problem that some of my other have, but after only a couple months? WTF!

Anyway, the problem is that the thing does not power on most times. It will connect to my computer and everything fine, and it will say 100% of the battery is remaining, but when I take it out and try to turn it on, nothing happens. I’ve tried to reset it by holding down the power button for 30 seconds… no dice. Somehow my girlfriend got it to turn on, but it worked very flaky… she said it showed full battery and then about 20 minutes into her workout it was at half and then about 10 minutes later it was completely dead.Any idea what to do? Is a warranty claim the only option right now?

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Is a warranty claim the only option right now?


You could try manually re-applying the firmware and/or formatting the player but if neither helps, contacting SanDisk Tech Support would be your best option.

Wouldn’t updating the firmware negate a warranty claim? I don’t want to be completely out 40 bucks. I work too hard for my money.

How would I format it? Does that void warranty?

It isn’t that the player is dead, because it powers on every time I plug it into a computer. It’s just that any time it isn’t plugged into a computer it will not power on. I’ve tried to hold down the power button for a minute to reset it, as well as holding a different combination of buttons for a minute… no dice.

No, updating the firmware (or re-applying the same one) nor formatting will void the warranty. While connected to you computer, Windows can format it for you (right-click on player’s icon in Windows Explorer).

It also could be hardware-related if it is not powering on except when connected to the computer. This sounds more like a battery connection issue. This was common with the old original Clip, but I haven’t heard of many similar problems with the Zip, so as I suggested before a call to Tech Support may be in order. If it’s still covered under warranty and determined to be defective SanDisk will replace it for you.