No power?

I have a Sansa clip that I’ve been using happily for a week or two.  Tonight, I tried to listen to it, and it wouldn’t turn on.  The power button on the top “clicks” OK but nothing happens.  It was charging and turned off when it failed.  When I plug it into the computer with the USB cable I get an error message saying that the device is not recognized .  Is there any hope? 

If it’s new and under warranty  (1 year in the US, 2 in Europe) you could call 1-866-SANDISK and replace it.

Or if you want to play around with it first

  1. try a different mini-USB cable if you have one for a phone, camera, etc.

  2. Hold down the center button while connecting and see if your computer recognizes it.

I would first try resetting it. Press and hold the power button for 20-30 secs. Release, then press power button again momentarily to turn it on.

^ +1.

Wierdly enough, I plugged the player back into a computer yesterday (via USB) and it started working.  The battery shows as almost fully charged, so I’m confused about what happened, albeit happy to again have a functioning player. 

Thanks to all for the help. 

I’ve said it before:  these little critters have gremlins.   :wink:

Congrats!   :slight_smile: