Only 1 month and my sansa clip is dead

My 8Gb sansa clip zip does not switch on today, it is totally OFF.

It has happened today, yesterday worked fine and I left it on the table practically full of batery. Nothing has happened between yesterday and today, nobody has touch it, no charge, totally nothing…, what happend? is there any special button to reset and recover it to life? DoI have to make a contact with SanDisk support for a replacement?.. I would prefer to recover it because I have a lot of stuff in the internal memory and they will be lost.


try pluggin it into your computer, it might still show up as a usb drive.

Reset it. Press and hold the power button for 20-30 secs. Release, then press again momentarily to turn it on. It should start up normally.

Thanks, it works.

Dr. Tapeworm to the rescue!   :slight_smile:   

thanks -helped mine too!