Sansa Clip Zip ignoring me, displays "SanDisk"

Hello, is there anybody there?

I got a Sansa Clip Zip for Christmas, because I asked for it specifically - I’ve had a clip device for years now.

Today it wouldn’t switch on. Then after I held the power button down for many seconds, it switched on, but simply displayed “SanDisk”.

Now I can’t switch it off.

My computer doesn’t recognise it (I’ve tried looking in the Device Manager (Windows 7).

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like it needs a reset. Have you tried this? Press and hold the power button down until it shuts off. Usually this will occur in 20-30 secs., but sometimes in stubborn cases it can take up to a minute or more.

Do you know, was this a “new” unit, or a “re-furb”?