Clip Zip name change...

I have spent the last four days jumping through hoops trying to get my Clip Zip to play my music. I have updated the firmware as Tapeworm suggested on another post and I have made sure all my I’s were dotted and T’s crossed on my Tags and even went as far as to convert all of my music files to straight MP3s. I have managed to get this player to allow me to play my music twice during this period but only until I shut it off. When I started it up after both times it froze on “Refreshing your Media”  Nothing had been changed on the player aside from the power being turned off. Should I just leave the player on forever? Obviously this isn’t feesible. 

Why does it ALWAYS want to refresh the media when I turn it on. Why does it lock up every time aside from those two times. I tried to trouble shoot it, I tried to reset it, cleared all my media and reloaded it at least five different times in various formats with every possible combination of settings. I must not be turning it on when the stars are properly aligned, that must be it. I’m sure Tapeworm will come in and be rude, as he/she always seems to be and tell me it’s my fault, not the players. 

I know my way around electronics and the various hiccups that can accompany them but this player, this demon, this instrument of torture that SanDisk has released is nothing more than a blood pressure raising, rage inducing, piece of plastic. I won’t be buying another, I won’t be recommending ANY of the products SanDisk makes they claim are MP3 players. I have other SanDisk products and have been very happy with them, I bought this player simply based on the reputation SanDisk had earned with me for solid products but down this dark path I shall walk no more. 

Thank you SanDisk for giving me four rage filled days. Thank you Tapeworm for being rude and reassuring me that people who write reviews for a living are worthless fan boys. Lastly, thank you Clip Zip for making a satisfying *crunch* when I smashed you with my sledgehammer. Clip Zip? Try Clip Sh*t.

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I sense frustration here . . . .   And have gone through it with technology myself.

There always is a possibility that there is a hardware failure.  By any chance, are you with the 1-year (U.S.; 2 years EU) warranty period?  If so, if you contact SanDisk, they’ll replace the player, if non-functioning.  

dude mine works perfectly fine so far …but LMAO reading ur post.

sorry but it was woth it :P