Clip Zip not refreshing media after adding to memory card

I’ve recently started trying to use a Sansa Clip Zip. I don’t bother adding music to the build in memory as the memory card I have is much bigger. The first time I added files I just copied everything I wanted straight on there, and when I then unplugged it the thing would crash before the refreshing media bar got to the full. I then decided that I may have been asking too much of it, so I deleted everything and started again, adding one album at a time and unplugging it to let it refresh the media each time.

This seemed to be working well until now, I have added 1.7GB of music to the memory card (a fraction of the size of the built in memory, let alone the capacity of the memory card I bought with it - which is also made by Sandisk by the way). 

Any information on how I can ensure that the media refreshes. Please do not suggest doing the reset proceedure as I have to do that everytime I unplug it… Which is very terdious. It seems to me that this mp3 player is needlessly fraught with problems. 

I emphasise that it is unnecessary to advise me to reset the mp3 player. 


It’s likely there is one (or more) files you put on that has an ID3 tag the player cannot read. Do a search here for MP3Tag and you’ll find several posts on the subject along with detailed explanations of how to use it.