Mp3 Sansa® Clip+

I have the SanDisk Sansa Clip mp3 player in black bought it one year its almost full both external cards (i have replaced the original 8G to 16G the problem is that it can not refresh the media when i open it the bar doesn"t full please help me if you know thanks a lot

The more you put on the longer it will take. I have a 32GB in the slot and it does take a while. 

Try removing the card from the slot, letting the internal memory refresh itself, then adding the card again. That will at least tell you where the problem is. 

It’s also possible that there is a bad file on there. If you can, connect it to your computer and remove some of your most recent files. (You can click on the Date Modified header.) Then add them back again, one by one, to see if one of them is making trouble. 

If you can access the external card via computer, you could also check it for errors. Right-click on it, Properties, Tools, Error-Checking.  

Thanks you have been very helpful i will check your solutions and i will keep you informed thanks a lot