SanDisk Clip Zip Freezes

My SanDisk Clip Zip freezes up and I cannot get it going unless I power it off and then on. And even when it comes back on if I pause a song, it will not restart unless I power down.It does not play and the screen shows the Pause or Play symbol, but does nothing. Freezes up often when I get it playing and then try to clip it on. I am thinking pressure against the screen?? Could something be loose inside??

I have reset it several times and reformatted it as well. Tried to update the firmware, but it says it does not recognize my player. I really use this player often so this is frustrating that I may have to toss it. Appreciate any advice on what to do.

Thank you!

Our Clip + is doing exactly the same thing.  It freezes when pushing on the screen, like when trying to clip it to my shirt.  It also freezes when I hold the volume toggle up or down (but not every time).  When it freezes, it indicates that it is playing (triangle icon), but does not move like it is paused.  Pushing the play button will toggle between the play and pause icons, but the music does not resume.  None of the other buttons work at that point.  I have to turn it off, then back on.  On time, it wouldn’t turn off until I held the power button for about 20 seconds.  When it came back on, it was just like it was turned off, not reset.

Resetting and updating do not help.  (At least I was able to update the firmware on mine.)  I’m guessing there’s something wrong with the board- loose connection or short circuit, perhaps.  Anone know how to open one of these?  (Mine’s out of warranty, but not used very often- maybe once a week at the most.)  It looks like it’s time to buy a new one unless anyone has any ideas how to fix it.