New Clip ZIp freezing.

I recently purchased a new Clip ZIP after suffering the headphone jack failing on my previous (I’ve seen this seems to be a somewhat common problem, and the responses that these things have to be babied caused me to be hesitant, but I like the form factor) at just after the expiration of the warranty period.

Both are 4GB models, and both use firmware 01.01.21A. My music is contained on a 32GB microSD card.

The new Clip Zip will freeze with some files, requiring me to hold down the power button 20 seconds to shut it down. It then resumes at some point several songs previous to the one on which it froze. The old, broken, Zip has no problem with these same files on the same microSD card.

Any suggestions?

What firmware version was on the previous Zip? You can always look that version up here on the forum and manually install it.

Or get the firmware at the firmware archive at the Clip forum.  

I stated in my original post, both (new and old) are using 01.01.21A, which is what perplexes me. The old Zip was upgraded to 01.01.21A, while the new was purchased with that version.

Well, the older player must not be that old then; the 01.01.21 firmware update has only been coming out on players within the last few weeks that we know of.

I would still “back-date” the firmware and see if that corrects the issue. Here’s the previous f/w version 01.01.20. It’s been out for some time and we haven’t heard of any issues with it.

The old player was more than a year old, or I would have had it replaced under warranty instead of buying a new one. I stated that I had upgraded it to 01.01.21A. I will try 01.01.20A, hopefully an older firmware works better than the new.

@goumba wrote:

I stated that I had upgraded it to 01.01.21A. I will try 01.01.20A, hopefully an older firmware works better than the new.

Sorry, missed that.  :flushed:

To help prevent the player’s headphone jack from breaking, use a headphone or earphone that has a right angle plug.

Perhaps the firmware in your new player might be corrupted? I would try downloading and manually reinstalling the latest firmware. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then I would check the the files on the card. If you can’t find anything wrong with them and the player still freezes after reinstalling the latest firmware, then I would try using a different card. While it is possible that a new bug was introduced in a later firmware, it is much more likely that your files, or the card are the problem. You could try formatting the card with the SD formatter, then copying the music to the card again.

Thank you JK98.

The problem hasn’t gone away. I hope it’s not the card either, it’s a Sandisk 32GB microsd i bought just for this player, only used in this player. Mostly used for listening to music, not too many writes. Well, I’ll go buy another and try that one. Thanks.