Can't update and player freezes at end of songs every time

I have version 01.02.18A. I switched to MSC mode under the USB mode under system settings on the player itself and pasted the clipza.bin file into the player (not inside of any folder). I reset it multiple times by holding the power button until it reset. It won’t auto update. The update installer which is up to date won’t list any updates, just the manual. The problem is, apparently starting from when i updated using the update installer, the player freezes at the end of every song every time. I have to reset when this happens. Also the progress bar doesn’t do anything although I don’t know if that was removed or not. It used to fill up as the song played. Is my player broken?

PROBLEM SOLVED! I found out that only the songs I converted using the freedvdvideosoft free audio converter after a certain update were causing it to freeze because the few songs older than that update don’t freeze the player. Thank you very much for the help though tapeworm!

Maybe you’re trying to put on the wrong firmware?

01.02.18 f/w version is for a Clip+. _This _board is for discussion/problems, etc. for the Clip Zip, a different model. The latest firmware for the Zip is 01.01.20. Which player do you have?