Clip+ acting funny since firmware upgrade


After several days of having it play songs then freeze completely (and a couple hard resets) I finally resorted to upgrading my player’s firmware today to v01.02.18. After following Sandisk’s instructions, I re-inserted the memory card and turned it back on. It seemed all right choosing the language and region and refreshing the media, but then it went crazy.

First it wouldn’t  recognize my playlists (all songs and playlists are stored on the 32GB card and not on the player, BTW). Then when I did choose a list it ran quickly through all songs, paused on one and now won’t shut off at all. Connecting it to my Windows 7 computer doesn’t even work.

Is there anything I can do to fix it, or should I just go ahead and get a replacement on Amazon? I’m afraid I’ve now killed my faithful little 3 year old player. Please help!

Hi again,

An update to my problem:

I finally got it to shut off by holding the power button down for several seconds, like for a hard reset.  However, when I turned it on again, it wouldn’t recognize the songs or playlists on the microSD card like it did the first time after the upgrade; also, the computer couldn’t recogize either player or card as external drives.

So I shut it off, and I’m going ahead and getting a replacement player. I hope the SD card’s okay and I won’t have to reformat it as well. Fortunately, I have everything backed up on computer and flash drive.

Thank you for any suggestions as to why the firmware upgrade made my poor faithful player act so weird.

A firmware update will change the USB mode back to the default Auto Defect setting (which works in MTP whenever possible). Go into Settings > System Settings > USB Mode and manually select MSC mode, which is most likely what it was set to before the update. This will likely cure its ills.

Hi Tanista, let us know if this works for you. Just so users would be able to use this in the future.