clip+ suddenly started freezing, messing up more and more as I try to do anything to fix it...

*update* i was somehow by miracle able to get the firmware to update. Formatted it, Restored settings. I just unplugged it from the computer and now it froze right away on the “connected” screen. Grrrrrrr 

 I had a clip which worked with no problems for a while, than I bought a clip+. Works ok generally, except some strange bugs (I listen to livesets 60min+ and when I turn the device off, unless I load the music from certain places it never remembers what I was playing, and restarts the whole set from the beginning which the clip didnt do)

 Anyways suddenly I go out of my house today and turn on the clip+ only to have it do the famous sudden freeze at the logo.

 I held power, turned it off, but its just constantly freezing. Won’t properly load up in the computer, and when it does it randomly freezes.

 Finally some magical way I got it to turn on, went straight to “Format”. Now it seems frozen in the formatting section for over 10 minutes! I have a 2gb version so I doubt its doing anything. In the meantime nothing is working and I’m just stuck here. I tried to upgrade the firmware, it said firmware upgrading and 1 second later it shut off.

 What should I do? 

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I’m having more or less the EXACT same problem, started with the Clip+ randomly turning itself off and now it does most of the things listed above: hangs indefinitely on startup, can’t move files to or from the device, only works on occasion.  It seems the more I mess with it, the crappier it gets, and if I let it sit for a day it works fine for a little while when I pick it back up.  I have a 4 GB micro SD in it, taking it out didn’t seem to make much of a difference.  I’ve updated the firmware and formatted it to no avail (now I can’t put files on it, so it remains empty).  What gives? 

Lodsiek wrote:

It seems the more I mess with it, the crappier it gets, and if I let it sit for a day it works fine for a little while when I pick it back up.

These things are like wives . . . They serve you best when you ignore them every so often. :smileyvery-happy:

well that is not too good to hear… Its been sitting on the logo screen now for about 6+ hours… Hoping once the battery runs out somehow that will make it work better. 

I loved the clip, but the clip+ has some strange little bugs I do hope they iron them out. I am thinking my next purchase will be for a quality smartphone with mp3 built in… 

When both original posters talk about formatting, are you reformatting under the Clip’s System Settings?  That sometimes can fix matters (although it will delete all your content).

Note that you have a 1 or 2 year warranty.  You also could telephone SanDisk for a replacement.  In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information: