Sansa Clip+ Is totally messed up.

Okay, so I had my player on last night playing some music, I was half asleep and I got startled, so I jumped up and did something, and shut of my player/my player was set to auto shutoff after a bit, and  when I came back I turned it back on,
and listened to it for a few minutes, and then when I turned it off again to do something else, and when I turned it back on,
the player got stuck on a track and in between two screens, the settings/options screen, and the music list screen, so I
shut it off, and now when I turn it on, it either stays stuck on the flower, or it freezes when I try to do something like format or
reset or anything, now the thing will not turn on or be recognized by the computer, and the firmware update fails, and I deleted EVERY file in the player (including the xml/info files etc.) and the chkdsk/format did not work.

I don’t know if it will help, but did you try a simple reset, by holding the on button down for 30 seconds or more (up to even a minute or more)?

Yes I did the reset, but the problem stayed, when the "flower’ logo came up, the clip froze.