Sansa Clip+ short circuit

My sansa clip+ shuts off or freezes whenever the slightest bit of pressure is applied to the front. I am relatively sure there is a short circut somewhere in the device. This makes using it almost impossible and incredibly infuriating as it takes several tries to get it to go to what I want to listen to without freezing. Every time it freezes and shuts down it resets to where it was when I turned it on, which is also irritating. I have tried rebooting it and I am relatively sure this is not a software issue. I have had the player for about two years, although I have not used it exclusively as I had a phone that played music (I lost that phone last week). This problem has been present for several months and I am not very eager to buy a whole new player, as the clip was so useful and well made before this problem.

Just now, 2 seconds later, I tried to turn it on. It started updating the music I put on it before posting this thread, the screen flashed on and off twice, and it powered on again. I have no idea why that happened, I wasn’t touching the front.:neutral_face:

Sounds like it’s a goner. Thankfully they are relatively inexpensive; it’s not like you’re replacing a Cowon for $250-$300. :wink:

Well, It was workable in that condition, at least indoors, but now it’s randomly shutting down, and when it is working, it keeps getting stuck on one song, and it keeps displaying random pixels on the screen when I try to turn it on, and if it even gets slightly compressed by me lifting my leg up when its in my pocket it shuts off, and… Yeah. You’re probably right. The irritating part is that 

I have to buy a new phone too though, so I’m already spending money…

But that’s what old best buy gift cards are for.