Sansa Clip + Freezes on Startup

The issue started right after I unplugged it from charging. The device was frozen on “Disconnected”, so I held down the power button in order to reset it. Now when I turn it on it displays the Sansa text, then goes to the logo and stays there until I reset it. When plugged in it does not show up on the computer, so I can’t access it to update firmware or reformat it. I would appreciate some help in fixing it. Thanks!

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Will the player connect to your computer if you hold the center button down (with the player off) when connecting the USB?  If so, I then would try a computer reformat and then, if the player starts up when disconnected, a player reformat. 

Nothing different happens if I try to connect it while holding the center button down. Anything else that might work?

I have the same problem. “disconnected” just stays on the screen…frozen. I imagine the battery will eventually go dead and then I will just recharge

I just got the Sansa Clip+ 2gb player yesterday and its recognized on my computer and I can copy files to it etc, but the menu screen of the device is stuck on an image of some headphones? and says music. And I can hear radio…i believe. But I can’t scroll through the “menu”. Its just stuck on the same image of headphones etc? I can’t play any of the files I copied to the device, but I see the files when I view the player when plugged into PC, and also I can use the Rhapsody software to view the list of my own music and such that I copied to the player. I’ve charged it for sure, and used the off/on reset feature and also downloaded and run the firmware update tool as well.

The instructions indicate that I should “hold” the menu button first, and then use the scroll down button to navigate the menu, but nothings happening.  Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Never had a Sansa MP3 player before. Had a different brand no longer in production Muvo.

Stuck for the moment. I guess its frozen on the “headphone-music” menu choice.

Any help?

Peel the protective screen sticker off the face of the player.

There should be a small tab on one side of the screen/sticker (mine was on the right-hand side), assisting you in removing the sticker.,

I’ve got the same exact issue as you, PGS14. It stinks, my Clip+ has been unuseable for months. I don’t know of any way to fix the problem.

I managed to get it connected then I did a manual update of the firmware which seemed to unblock it.

@davidhilton68 wrote:

I managed to get it connected then I did a manual update of the firmware which seemed to unblock it.


could you tell how you managed to connect it?