ClipZip freezes at startup


When switching on my new 4GB ClipZip, it shows the Logo (“exploding Flower”) two times and then it frezzes.

Therefore it is not recognized at the USB-Port of any Computer i connected it to. So an update/refresh of the Firmware is not Possible. Resettig the device via holding down the powerswitch ( for hours :slight_smile: ) doesn’t work either.

Im open to all suggestions,


SanDisk Customer Service for instructions or a warranty replacement . . . .

The same thing has happened to me, how did you resolve the problem

Only Way was a replacement :frowning:

To avoid that the same happens to the new player, the first thing i did, was installing Rockbox (far better than the original firmware). Now it works perfect.

Great to hear!   :slight_smile:

HELP, I have the same problem. It is fully charged but when it comes on the flower expands one time then wont do anything. Sometimes it will display the last song it played but it is still frozen (no song). No menu, no anything but the logo. To power off I have to hold the off button for 20 seconds. Trying to load or reload firm ware does nothing.

Please refer to the above . . . .

See what above? thi is no longer under waranty, i have had it about 14 months

SanDisk Cusotmer Service still can provide (live) assistance. 

SanDisk Customer Service still can provide (live) assistance. 

I had a similar problem.  See “Frozen clipzip with odd delay at sansa flower” for my question.

If I added a microSD card it unhung.  I was able to reformat the memory but that did not help.  Removing the microSD still would hang.  I had to upload new firmware to fix the problem.  I am not sure if this will fix your problem but it is worth a try.