Used portion cache always 0,07 GB


I installed Readcache SSD a few days ago w/o any problem. ExpressCache is enable but the its status window indicates 29,82 GB for the total cache size and only 0,07 GB for the used portion cache. When looking at the cache monitor windows, there is near 2.000 MBytes read.

Why the used portion cache never increases even when I execute several applications doing a lot of read I/Os ?

Configuration : Windows 7 profesional and 2 disks in software RAID 1.


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can you post some screen shots? also go to the command line and run the following command and post the log.

open cmd

cd c:\windows\system32

eccmd -info

Here are the screenshots :


Did you get the screen shots ?


can you also post your disk configuration? screenshots of disk managment would help. 

The requested screen shots :

There are in french language. Let me know if you need some translation.

your link is the same as the first. can you post screens hots of the disk managment window? how exactly do you ahve your RAID set up and where is the RC SSD in relation to the RAID. 

This is not the same PDF file (look at the -2 suffix) :

I have 2 identical disks as system disk C:. This a software RAID1 (defined as mirrors in disk management - Windows 7 Pro x64).

I hoped the RC SSD would do caching when Windows access this C:

the link text was changed but the actual link was not. feel free to click it yourself. 

Looks like your disk configuration should not be a problem. has there been any change or is it still at 0% cache reads in the eccmd log?

Another download link :

Nothing has changed at the cache level.


I am having the same problem. I have reinstalled the software twice, tried other sata ports. Nothing works.

Can you please provide a system configuration description? Do you have a RAID configuration? Can you see the cache read/write activity from the command line prompt “ECCmd -info” ? 

I also re-installed. No change.

Win7 sp1 64 No raid, 1tb WD Blk©, 1tb WD Grn (D), Biostar TA790GX 128M Ver. 5.x mobo, Amd Phenom II 945 8gb ddr2, Shappire pci-e 4850 1gb video. no r/w activity

I am assuming that ExpressCache/ReadyCache is installed on the C: Drive. Can you eliminate the D: drive from the configuration, reinstall ExpressCache and recheck the usage via " ECCmd - info"  at the command prompt.

Has no effect 0%read 0%write

I also deleted partion D:. No change, still 0,07 GB in cache, even after a reboot.

I inverted SATA connection between DVD and SSD. No change :

c:\Windows\System32>eccmd -info
ExpressCache Command Version
Copyright® 2010-2012 Condusiv Technologies.
Date Time: 11/17/2012 10:59:45:754 (PAT #8)

EC Cache Info

Mounted : Yes
Partition Size : 29.82 GB
Reserved Size : 3.00 MB
Volume Size : 29.82 GB
Total Used Size : 76.25 MB
Total Free Space : 29.74 GB
Used Data Size : 0 Bytes
Used Data Size on Disk : 67.75 MB

Tiered Cache Stats

Memory in use : 0 Bytes
Blocks in use : 0
Read Percent : 0.00%

Cache Stats

Cache Volume Drive Number : 0
Total Read Count : 17067
Total Read Size : 290.71 MB
Total Cache Read Count : 0
Total Cache Read Size : 0 Bytes
Total Write Count : 30170
Total Write Size : 211.27 MB
Total Cache Write Count : 0
Total Cache Write Size : 0 Bytes

Cache Read Percent : 0.00%
Cache Write Percent : 0.00%


What do you need to help us to solve this problem ?

Do we have to return the package to the vendor ?


I installed it on my second computer and it works fine. Boot time went from 3:46 to 1:44 on an old sata I mobo with Athlon 3700+ 2gb ram I guess I will try another brand for my main system. 

RWillis, I can give you access to my computer by Teamviewer. So you’ll can check the configuration and, I hope, find the problem.