ExpressCache defaults

Hi, I seem to have ExpressCache working after a few reinstalls and reboots - after just upgrading to Win 10. I’m just wondering when it writes to the cache - does the system have to be idle? Used portion is at .56 gb, and I actually see the read graph at somewhere around 250mg since it’s hovering around 40% of another mark at about 626mb.

Is the solution to just let the system sit idle so it can do it’s thing? Would be nice if you can force it to write to the cache/ssd…

How about this - about how full should the used portion of cache be with a new Windows 10 install?

It’s working normally now - it was an unstable Windows upgrade from 7 to 10, even after reinstalling ExpressCache it didn’t work right. I had to use the restore option that basically eliminates all apps.